These photographs were all taken during a vacation trip to Alaska in August of 1999. We spent a few days in Juneau and then took a cruise on a small cruise ship (88 passengers) with Glacier Bay Tours. The cruise ship went to Tracy Arm, Sitka, Glacier Bay, and Skagway before returning to Juneau. 

All photos were taken with my Contax 645 using Fuji Velvia unless otherwise specified. The transparencies were scanned using an Imacon Flextight Photo scanner with minor retouching done in Photoshop 5. The originals were scanned at maximum resolution (resulting in a 110MB image file) and downsized in Photoshop.

I also have a large number of 35mm photos I took on this trip which I have not had a chance to scan yet. These will be added to this page in the future.

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