Underwater Photography by Jay Torborg 


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  "Eyestripe Surgeonfish"

"Michel's Goby #1"

  "Clown Blenny"

"Raccoon Butterflyfish #1"

"Puffer Fish"   

"Yellowfin Goatfish"

"Eagle Ray #1"

"Schooling Surgeonfish"

"Four-Spot Butterflyfish #1"

"Devil Scorpionfish"

  "Titan Scorpionfish"

"Sleeping Parrotfish"

  "Michel's Goby #2"

"Unidentified #1"

 "Juvenile Rockmover Wrasse"


"Pufferfish Eye Closeup"

"Four-Spot Butterfly Fish #2"

"Ulae Lizardfish"

"Hawaiian Cleaner Wrasse"

 "Unusual Yellow Tang"

"Moorish Idol #1"

"Peacock Grouper"

"Arc-Eye Hawkfish"

"Commerson's Frogfish"

"Raccoon Butterfly Fish #2"

"Female Twospot Wrasse"

"Hawaiian White-Spotted Toby"

"Moorish Idol #2"

All Photographs and Text Copyright Jay Torborg 1998-2001

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