Equipment for Sale

This is all equipment that I have used in previous home theater and music systems that I no longer have a use for. Click on the thumbnail images for a larger view.

Krell KRC-HR Preamplifier $2500 +shipping and insurance
The KRC-HR was Krell's flagship preamplifier in the late 90's and received many stellar reviews in the critical audiophile press. Stereophile Class A Recommended Component.

From the April 1997 Recommended Components listings:

WP asserted that "the Krell must certainly qualify as one of the truly great preamplifiers out there. It's well built, well-thought-out, and a joy to use...In terms of tonal accuracy and low-level retrieval, it stands among the exalted few." Remote-control, the ability to drive both balanced and single-ended cables, and a unity gain throughput make the KRC-HR unusually flexible for a contender for state-of-the-art status. While WP observed that the KRC-HR did not offer the final word in soundstage presentation, its transparency, low-level resolution, and timbral accuracy were second to none. "Class A" endorses MC. (Vol 19, Nos 10 & 12; Vol 20, No 5)

The KRC-HR retailed for $6900 for line-level only. This unit does not come with the optional plug-in phono stage. You may be able to find one of these separately.

I have recently tested the unit and it appears fully functional with one exception - the tape monitor input does not appear to work - the button and remote engage the front panel led, but I do not hear the relay click as I do with other input selections. I was not able to test the balanced inputs because I don't currently have any balanced sources, however this was working fine when I was last using this preamp in my system. I did test all single-ended inputs and the single-ended and balanced outputs. Another minor quirk is that the inputs are incorrectly labeled on the back panel - the single ended inputs are labeled PH, S-1, S-2, S-3 whereas they should be labeled PH, S-2, S-3, S-4. I suspect this is an issue with all KRC-HRs, but it does not affect functionality once you have the cables plugged in.

Cosmetically, the preamp is in very good condition. It has no obvious scratches or marks on the preamp, although there are a couple small scratches on the power supply on the back of the top cover and on the remote control as seen in the photos below. Also, one of the retaining screws on the power supply cable connector that plugs into the separate power supply is broken. Since one retaining screw is adequate to hold the connector in place, this doesn't really affect functionality. Also, one of the screws (out of 4) that holds the back plate on the remote control is missing as seen in the photos.

The preamp will be shipped in it's original shipping box complete with the owner's manual.

As always, I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason, you are not happy with the unit when you receive it, you can send it back and I will refund your purchase price and shipping. You only need to pay for the return shipping. However, please read the description above carefully and look at the photos before deciding to buy. You can click on the photos for a higher resolution view.

Krell MD-10 CD transport $2000 + shipping and insurance SOLD

This MD-10 has had two owners. I purchased it from a friend in 1998 and used it as my primary transport until about a year ago. The MD-10

was very highly rated by audio reviewers and remains one of the coolest looking transports available. The original price of this unit was $6900. The current Audiogon average used price is $2280.

Cosmetically, the unit is in very good condition, particularly consider its age. The acrylic cover looks virtually perfect unless you look at it at an angle into a strong light - then you can see slight scratches/scuff marks due to periodic dusting. There is a small nick on the plate near the transport (shown below right) that is hidden when a CD is mounted on the spindle. The anodizing is rubbed off on the upper right corner of the front panel which can be seen clicking on the photo above to see the high resolution version.

Operationally, the unit is fully functional and sounds great. I was only able to test the SPDIF output, but I have no reason to believe there is any problem with the other outputs. The leveling feet never seemed to work as I would expect them to. You're supposed to be able to turn the knobs on the four corners to raise or lower the feet, but if it does, it's pretty subtle. Since all four corners work the same, I assume they are not broken.

The machined aluminum remote is also functional and cosmetically very good (a few scuff marks, but no scratches).

I have the original box and packing material, but I do not have the owner's manual.

Krell Reference 64 DAC - $2000 + shipping and insurance SOLD

This was Krell's flagship digital processor in the early 1990's and set the standard for what was achievable from music CDs. I purchased this unit

from the original owner in 1998 and used it as my primary digital processor until about a year ago. The Reference 64 was a Stereophile Class A recommended product and was very highly praised by numerous audio reviewers.

This unit is in excellent condition with no significant scratches. There are slight marks on the top surface where a tuner (with rubber feet) was resting on the top for a little while.

The rubber on the feet has some fibers that are sticking to the adhesive and some of the rubber has shifted slightly. But of course, this is not visible unless you pick the unit up and look underneath, and is probably easily repairable anyway.

Functionally, the unit appears to work perfectly and sounds great, although I have not been able to test the unit with sources other than 44.1Khz (standard CD) and have tested only the SPDIF input. I was using the processor with the ATT optical glass fiber connection which was working fine the last time I used it, but I no longer have glass fiber cables to test with.

Click on one of the images to see a high resolution version of each image.

The Reference 64 sold for $12,900 when new. The current Audiogon average used price is $3140, although relatively few of these units have been sold because they did not sell in high volumes due to the sell price. My unit is an excellent value at only $2000.

I have the original box and packing material, but I do not have the owner's manual.

Revel Ultima Gem speakers - $3800 obo. SOLD

Details on the Revel Gem speakers can be found on Revel's website. The Gems are Stereophile Class A rated speakers.

Purchased in 1998 and never abused. Dark blue gloss paint with aluminum side panels and matching aluminum stand bases. My speakers work perfectly and are cosmetically very good. The gloss blue paint has some swirling when you look at it against the light (like you'd see on a dark car after a couple years) but no deep scratches that I could find. There is a light scratch approximately 1 1/2" long on one of the aluminum

side panels that isn't really noticeable unless you look for it. There are a few small scratches on the bases as well (probably due to vacuum cleaner bumps), but again they are not noticeable from any distance. I've tried to show the worst scratches in the two leftmost photos below. The scratches actually look worse in the photos than they do in real life.

The Gems are shipped in lots of boxes (one for each speaker, one for each pair of side panels, one for the stand legs, and one for the stand bases). I have most of the boxes but am missing a couple. All pieces will be well packed (either in original shipping boxes or well padded boxes) and shipped UPS. Buyer will pay actual UPS charges with insurance for purchase amount.

The Audiogon average bluebook selling price for the base model Revel Gem speakers is $3760. This does not include stands, and the aluminum side panels is a significant cost premium.

Other Equipment

I have some other equipment that I plan to sell in the near future as well. If you are interested, please let me know and I will get details about condition and some photos.

Hsu Research TN-1220HO subwoofer system - Two subwoofers and a Hsu Research 500W amplifier (rated at 800W when driving both subwoofers). Used for one month in my home theater. Retail $1700. Asking $1250. Audiogon average used price is $1340.

MIT 770 biwire speaker cable ~25' pair. Retailed for well over $5000. Asking $1000.