I've been taking underwater photographs since July 1998. My first photos were taken on a trip to Bonaire in July '98. The second group of photos below are images taken on this trip.

I'm really a beginner at this and have a lot to learn. I welcome any comments on how to improve my technique. I was fortunate to have found a dive buddy in Bonaire with many years of experience at underwater photography that gave me a few pointers. I also developed the film every day to try to learn from my previous mistakes during the week.

All my photos were taken with my Nikon N90 camera in a Sea & Sea NX90 housing. The first set of photos were taken on a recent (Nov 99) trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. I recently upgraded my strobes to a pair of Ikelite 200s. 

Click on the small photos to see a higher resolution version.

The photos below were taken on a trip to Bonaire in July 1998. These are my first series of underwater photographs. I used the Nikon N90S in a Sea and Sea housing, and a pair of Ikelite 50 strobes for these images.