This page includes links to a number of articles about photography that I have written, and a couple on the web that I found useful. I hope that you find them informative and useful. I'm always happy to hear comments and suggestions for improvements.

Digital Darkroom - Most of the great photographers of the past hundred years would say that their work in the darkroom has at least as much do to with the quality of their photographs as their work in the field or studio. Yet most amateur photographers (and many professionals) have never participated in this aspect of the process. Digital technology has now made it possible to have even more creative control over your final work with considerably less hassle (less space, no chemicals, no light-sealed room) and potentially less cost.

Here are a couple of my articles that will help you get started, or make your experience more rewarding.

Digital Photography PC - what to look for in configuring a PC for digital photography.

Photoshop Techniques for Photographers - Step by step tutorial for making the most of your photographs.

Here are a few articles by Matt Hagadorn, published in Nature Photographer's Online Magazine.

Introduction to Color Management - also discusses calibrating your monitor.

Accurate Input - accurate color from your input device.

Soft Proofing and Printing with Profiles - setting up your printer to use ICC profiles.

Other Articles - Here are some additional articles I've written.

Selecting a Camera System - This article is aimed at amateur photographers that are serious about photography but may not know the various options available. The article reviews what you should consider when selecting a camera system and includes a discussion on medium format and large format, as well as 35mm.

Photographing on Safari - a short article about my experience on safari in Tanzania and tips for future travelers.

Workshops - a brief discussion on photography workshops and some links.