This page provides list of the photography equipment I use. Some have links to short "reviews".  Updated April, 2002.

Primary System

Most of my photography these days is done with a Nikon digital system. I currently use two Nikon D1X cameras. The link below is to a review of this camera on the website, an excellent source for information on digital cameras.

bullet Nikon D1X (x2)
bulletSigma 14mm f2.8
bulletNikon 17-35mm f2.8D
bulletNikon 20mm f2.8D
bulletTokina 28-70mm f2.6-2.8
bulletNikon 60mm f2.8D Macro
bulletNikon 105mm f2.8D Macro
bulletNikon 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 VR
bulletNikon 400mm f2.8D AF-S
bulletNikon TC-14E 1.4x Teleconverter
bulletNikon TC-20E 2x Teleconverter
bulletNikon SB-28DX Flash (x2)
bullet Better Beamer (flash extender)

Medium Format System

This was my primary landscape camera system until I got the Nikon D1X. Many of the landscape photos I have in my gallery were photographed with this system. However, after I got the Nikon D1X systems, I found that I rarely used this system. While the D1X image quality is not quite as high as the Contax, the D1X produces beautiful enlargements to sizes larger than I would normally print. I've made enlargements up to 24"x36" that are stunning. So, I sold the Contax system in 2002.

bulletContax 645
bulletContax 35mm f3.5
bulletContax 80mm f2.0
bulletContax 210mm f4
bulletContax TLA-360

Large Format Cameras

I bought the large format camera primarily for use with a Betterlight 6000 digital scanning back, which I have since sold. I have shot a little film through the camera, and plan to use it more for landscapes.

bulletLinhof Technikardan 45
bulletSchneider Super Angulon XL 58mm f5.6
bulletSchneider Super Symmar 210mm f5.6
bulletSchneider APO-Symmar 210mm f5.6
bulletLee Lens Shade and Filter Holder

Camera Supports

bulletGitzo G1228 Tripod
bulletGitzo G1329 Tripod (x2)
bulletLinhof Profi II Ballhead
bulletArca-Swiss B1 Ballhead
bulletLinhof 2-way Leveling Head w Quick Release
bulletWimberley Gimbal-type head
bulletReally Right Stuff Quick Release Plates
bulletVested Interest Beanbags (x3)

Camera Bags

One can never have two many camera bags :)

bulletTamrac Rolling Photo Backpack
bulletLowepro Pro Roller 2
bulletLowepro Photo Trekker AV (x2)
bulletLowepro Pro Trekker AV (x2)

Underwater Camera System

All the photographs currently in my gallery were shot with this system. However, I have recently purchased a Seacam D1X housing which I plan to start using shortly.

bulletNikon F90 (backup camera)
bulletNikon N90s
bulletNikon 20mm f2.8D (shared with primary system)
bulletNikon 60mm f2.8D Macro (shared with primary system)
bulletNikon 105mm f2.8D Macro (shared with primary system)
bulletSea & Sea NX90
bulletIkelite Substrobe 200 (x2)

Digital Scanners

bulletNikon LS-2000
bulletImacon Flextight Precision Photo

Digital Printers

bulletEpson Stylus Photo 890
bulletEpson Pro 9500
bulletEpson Pro 7600