Check out my new Underwater Gallery. Here are a couple of samples.

New Fiji Nai'a trip report with underwater photographs

I tried scuba diving for the first time at a resort course in Hawaii in 1996 and was hooked. It's both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time.

Since then, I've done well over 200 dives and received my Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Nitrox and Rebreather certifications. I've mostly done tropical dives (in Hawaii, Fiji, Florida and Bonaire), but have enjoyed a few cold water dives in Puget Sound.  Check out some of my Diving Trip Reports.


Almost as soon as I started to dive, I wanted to take a camera underwater. So, in 1998 I bought a Sea & Sea SLR housing and Nikon N90S camera with several lens (I had previously been using Canon gear). My first attempts were on my trip to Bonaire in July 1998, and I was fairly pleased with the results. A number of my photographs from this trip are included in my Underwater Gallery. I've since been doing most of my diving in Hawaii, so most of the photos are from there. 


Photo of me by my friend Steve Eitel

I just started using a Seacam housing with a Nikon D1X. My first photographs are included in the Fiji trip report.


In 1999, I received my semi-closed-circuit rebreather certification and purchased a Draeger Dolphin rebreather. This is an interesting piece of gear with some advantages and some disadvantages over open-circuit scuba. I eventually sold the unit. Click here to learn more about this device on my Rebreather page.

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