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I've been an avid audiophile for close to 30 years - well before I could afford decent equipment. In the late 70's and early 80's, I spent much of my free time building speakers, pre-amps and power-amps. In recent years, I've found other hobbies to spend my time on and I can now afford excellent commercial equipment. But I have used my experience as an electronics engineer and stereo equipment designer to help me select and setup high quality systems.

About eight years ago, I added home theater to my love for excellent reproduced music and now have systems dedicated for two channel music reproduction and multi-channel home theater. I believe it is possible to have a first class system that supports both two-channel music and multi-channel home theater - I have had such systems in the past - but in my opinion, the optimal room design is different. 

A home theater is best implemented in a dedicated room that can be sound proofed and closed off from light. I prefer my music system in the living room where it can provide background tunes for socializing, as well as be used for focused listening. 

We recently sold our home that incorporated our dedicated home theater and music system 1. This home theater was built into an existing room and was constrained by the room that was available. We are currently in the process of building a new home which will also incorporate a dedicated home theater. In this case, we are building a custom home and have the opportunity to design the home theater from scratch.

I've also recently set up another two-channel music and home theater system in our vacation home. Since we're a little tight on space, this system uses one of the new plasma displays.

I hope you find this site helpful in selecting and setting up your own equipment. I've also included a number of my favorite music and movies. I hope you find them as enjoyable as I do. I also have some assorted audiophile links.

On this website, I've included my experience and opinions on what it takes to create a world class music and home theater system, a list of some of my favorite movies and recordings.

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