June 2001

June 3 - We spent this weekend primarily working on the timing covers and induction system, although we started off by installing the March pulleys on the crank dampener and alternator. The bolts that were supposed to fit the water pump are the wrong size, so we ordered new ones from McMaster (this is a fantastic site for miscellaneous parts). It's actually starting to look like an engine.

The TWM Induction system looks very cool. Click on the image for a larger view, or click here for a few more details on this weekend's progress.

June 15 - We didn't do much work on the engine over the past two weeks other than some investigation, ordering parts, and painting the valve covers. 

I talked to TWM about the missing parts and the throttle linkage problem. Turns out that what I thought were missing parts is actually where the throttle position sensor is installed. I ordered one of these. TWM making a special fuel rail part next week to avoid the throttle linkage interference.

After consulting with Electromotive and TWM, I ordered Bosch 36lb peak and hold fuel injectors. These are quite a bit more expensive than I had expected to pay for injectors, but a couple local speed shops both told me they were the best ones to get.

I also did some investigation on crankcase ventilation and came up with what I think will be a reasonable solution

The Electromotive TEC-II system we're using incorporates a distributor-less ignition system that uses a crank sensor to control ignition timing. But since this distributor normally also drives the oil pump shaft, something is required to do this if a distributor is not used. A couple companies make what are called "oil plugs" that are designed to fit the distributor hole when a normal distributor is not used, but these seem to only be available for Chevy engines. So, we finally gave up and purchased an MSD 8578 distributor. We're going to send it to MSD to get them to install a bronze drive gear. Once this is returned, we plan on modifying it to remove the internal workings to reduce friction.

June 17 - We made a lot of progress yesterday on the engine. We started out working on the bottom of the engine. We installed the oil pump and drive shaft, main girdle, oil pickup, windage tray and oil pan with gasket.

  We ran into a minor problem with one of the bolts on the oil pan (the pan didn't provide adequate clearance for the bolt head), but solved this with a socket head cap screw.

The modified oil pan we got from Armando looks great and fit our engine with main girdle perfectly. The internal baffling (forgot to take photos) has hinged flaps which

allow oil to flow only one way. This should help a great deal to prevent oil starvation in high-G turns.

We had to run to the local parts store for some valve cover gaskets, but once we had these, the valve covers went on easily.

We played around for a bit with the alternator brackets we got from Summit, but these didn't fit correctly and wouldn't allow the alternator pulley to line up with the other two pulleys. Richard from JBL said that he was going to fabricate some custom brackets specifically for the JBL Roadster.

Click here for more details on the day's work.


June 30 - Didn't get much done for the remainder of the month. Both Scott and I were out of town for most of the latter part of June. But we did get our distributor back from MSD with the bronze drive gear installed and got the new fuel rails from TWM. We're leaving for southern CA to pick up the "kit" from JBL tomorrow.

Next Month - Pick up the kit, install the wiring harness, fuel lines, new front suspension and more.