September 2001

September 10 - After spending time last week on Jury duty. I'm hoping to get back to doing at least a little work on the Cobra while Scott is in school. Last month, I mentioned that the headers were very tight. Well, after discussing the problem with Richard from JBL, we finally figured out that the Canfield heads are 0.4" wider than stock heads, resulting in inadequate clearance (read NONE) between the headers and the chassis. So, as soon as I can get some help, I plan to take the lower headers back off so they can be modified by the header  

manufacturer to provide adequate clearance. Unfortunately, this is going to mean that they'll have to be recoated by Performance Coatings when I get them back.


We also found that the spark plug wire looms that we had planned to use interfere with the chassis on the drivers side. This is because our spark plug wires go to the rear of the engine to connect to the distributorless ignition system that's part of the Electromotive computer instead of going to a distributor mounted in the front of the engine. So we'll have to come up with some other alternative.

The rest of the parts we ordered from Jorge at Zapco came while we were away on vacation. Boy, do they look sharp. Here's a photo of the dashboard center section with cutouts for the switches and the gauges. Compare this to our mockup.  

Next Journal Entry - June 2002 - Scott gets home from school and we get back to work on the dashboard, electrical wiring, and plumbing.