December 2000 - Starting the project, research, books to read, etc.
  January 2001 - Visit to JBL Motorsports, struggling with the engine choice.
   February 2001 - Engine decision made, the short block arrives, ordering more parts.
  March 2001 - Build website up, transmission and clutch ordered and delivered, parts are arriving.
  April 2001 - Oil pan problems, dash layout, Knott's custom car show, visit with Andy - another JBL builder.
  May 2001 - Racing school, engine build, new dash design.
  June 2001 - Finishing the engine.
July 2001 - Got the kit! Wiring harness, fuel lines, suspension, steering installation.
August 2001 - More wiring, engine install.
September 2001 - Header problems, dashboard.
  June 2002 - Back to work, electrical wiring, dashboard
  July 2002 - custom parts, more electrical, throttle control
  August 2002 - throttle control, finishing plumbing and wiring