April 2001

April 2 - The TWM Induction system arrived today. Very cool. Unfortunately, we couldn't stare at it too long because I had to ship it off to Panhandle Performance. Panhandle is porting the cylinder heads for us. 

I saw a posting on ClubCobra last month from another TWM user that had powder coated the intake. It looked very nice, so I think we're going to consider doing this as well as soon as we get it back from Panhandle. 

April 30 - Scratch the powder coating of the TWM. Richard from JBL told me that the high temperatures involved in this can cause slight dimensional changes in cast parts which will likely cause problems for the throttle bodies and intake.

We've been on vacation for the past couple weeks, so we didn't get a lot done. I received a call from Panhandle last week telling us that the heads and intake were ready and being shipped. We're waiting anxiously.

We decided to trial fit the oil pan and pickup we got from Armando's Racing Pans. Unfortunately, we have a couple minor problems. The oil pickup conflicts with the main cap girdle from DSS. The amount of bending required to make it fit would probably cause some structural damage to the pickup, so we'll have to get Armando to make us a custom pickup. We also have some interference problems with the pan (an internal oil deflector hits the main girdle) but this should be relatively easy to fix. The bolt holes don't seem to all line up either, but it's possible that this is due to the interference problem.

Scott and I flew down to southern CA over the weekend to attend the Knott's Berry Farm custom car show and the Club Cobra forum dinner on Saturday night. We had a great time meeting some of the folks we've chatted with on the forum and seeing lots of very nicely built Cobras.

We talked with Richard and Dave from JBL for a while about the dash, schedule and a few other things. Scott is trying to talk me into putting a data acquisition system in the 

car, so I wanted to get Richard's opinion on this. We're still thinking about it. Dave assured us that the car was still on schedule and we should expect deliver July 1.

JBL had some of the newer suspension parts on display at the show. They look very nice. The photo on the right shows a closeup. Click on the photo for a larger image.


While we've been waiting for parts, we've been thinking bout the dash layout. Here is our first proposed design. Click on the image for close-ups and further details.

Since doing this design, we've come up with another design that we like better. See next month's journal for details.

Next Month - Engine build, racing school, new dash layout.