Underwater Photography by Jay Torborg

Latest Photos - Added September 18, 2001

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"Spanish Dancer #1"

"Spanish Dancer #2"

"Cone Shell Hermit Crab"

"Michel's Goby #2"

"Hawaiian Night Octopus"

"Favorite Meal"

"Scrambled Egg Nudibranch"


"Triton's Trumpet #2"

"Eagle Ray #1"


"Schooling Surgeonfish"

"Clathrina Sponge"

"Rock-Boring Sea Urchin"

"Octopus Tentacle Closeup"

"Tiger Cowrie Papillae"

"Christmas Tree Worm #3"

"Gold Lace Nudibranch"

"Bullseye Reef Lobster"

"Commerson's Frogfish"

"Turtle Portrait #1"

 "Haig's Hermit Crab"

"Tiger Cowrie #3"

 "Devil Scorpionfish"

"Unidentified #1"


"Four-Spot Butterfly Fish #1"

"Hawaiian Swimming Crab"

"Steindachner's Moray Eel"

"Pufferfish Eye Closeup"

"Four-Spot Butterfly Fish #2"

"Peacock Grouper"

"Arc-eye Hawkfish"

"Spotted Linckia Sea Star"

"Striated Star"

"Banded Urchin"

"Commensal Shrimp"

"Red Pencil Urchin"

"Sea Turtle #3"

All Photographs and Text Copyright Jay Torborg 2001

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